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A walk in the park, moving, and tattoos

August 26, 2011

Oh boy do I have things to write about tonight. I hope you’re all in for a long sit down because its going to be long.

J and I went for a walk today in the park. I usually don’t like walking because I’m not really into working out or whatever. So whenever J asks me if I want to take a walk, I moan and groan. Tonight though was different. We went when it wasn’t really hot out and I actually enjoyed myself apart from her walking so damned fast and me trying to keep up with her. Anyway, it was nice and relaxing, we took Lua and Prescott and they throughly enjoyed themselves. Lua barked at everything she saw and Prescott sniffed and peed on everything. We left poor May at home because trying to walk three dogs with just two people, is really difficult especially when May is still a puppy and not entirely leash trained. Okay, not leash trained at all. We’re working on it, okay? Anyways, we’ll probably take her tomorrow. We’ve decided to go to the park and walk everyday, it’ll be good for both of us. The park where I live, well the one we go to, has a walking path that’s exactly a mile. A mile walk a day isn’t bad, right? Right. So anyways, I’m going to share some pictures with you now! Pictures are always fun!!

This is Prescott, he doesn't really listen when you tell him to look at the camera.

Lua, she doesn't listen either and I'm pretty sure she was wanting to attack something.

J and the two dogs walking together.

A few trees at the park, there aren't many, it's really just an open space. Nice though.

So, that’s my walk through the park. It was fun and I’m actually looking forward to having more of these. I’m sure J will be delighted to hear that considering she’s always trying to get me to walk with her.

On another note, she and I have been really thinking about moving. We just moved back in April, but we’re thinking of something a little more drastic, like out of the state. A lot of our friends up and moved to Oregon about two years ago and ever since then, they’ve been trying to talk us into moving up there with them. I’m not so on board with the whole Oregon idea. I don’t know why, but the state just doesn’t appeal to me. Yes, I would like to be with my friends and be able to see them and hang out with them again, but I would much rather go to California or New York. J has agreed on California, it was an absolute no on New York, sadly. I’m still not totally okay with this whole moving idea because my whole family lives here and I’d miss them. If you didn’t know before, both of my parents have passed away, my mom six years ago and my dad back in january. For me, moving means leaving the rest of my family here and that’s hard for me to grasp. Yes, I don’t see them as much as I would like, but if we moved out of state I would see them even less. So, apart of me doesn’t want to go anywhere and stay right where I’m at but then again, I do want to move. Get out of this city and start a new life with J somewhere. It appeals to me a lot. Of course, I would much rather make the move more drastic and move out of the country and to England, but we both know we’re not ready to move out of the country yet. We’ve both said that we want to live in a different country, just not yet. We’re going to take our time, get our lives figured out and what not before we make that big of a move.

So who knows what’s in store for our future, we may be moving to California or maybe even Oregon if she can talk me into it. Either way, I do think it’ll happen with in the next year or year and a half.

Anyways, I’ve been reading a lot of random blogs and most of them are about tattoos. So I’d like to share mine with you. I’m sure you can expect more blogs on tattoos and tattooing in the future as for right now, I’m not going to say anything because I wrote a whole paragraph and it totally cut it out for some reason, annoying really. So I’ll share them with you tonight and you may be able to expect a blog on tattoo’s tomorrow, who knows.

It reads, "Regret Nothing" incase you can tell. Its my life motto.

"The Heart of Life is Good", quite from a John Mayer song that speaks to my heart and reminds me a lot of my parents.

My Nautical star. I don't really have a reason for getting this other than I wanted one since I was very little and green if my favorite color.

Moon and stars to represent my family, dad, mom, brother, and two nieces.

"Pride" with a rainbow. I'm a lesbian and very proud of the fact I am.

"Forever Family" in memory of my mother. Her favorite things were pelicans and sand dollars.

So there they are. My wonderful body art. I plan to keep adding to them as I get the money too. I eventually want my back and both arms covered. Just because some people don’t think its attractive or they think its stupid isn’t going to stop me.

I hope you all enjoyed this as much as I enjoyed writing it and putting the pictures in. I love to hear feedback, so if you feel the need, leave a comment. Untill tomorrow then….

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  1. Brandy permalink
    August 26, 2011 6:14 am

    great post = ) didn’t take me long to read at all lol…i wish my husband and kids had the time to go walking with me or really that i had time to lol

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