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Need to blog…

August 30, 2011

But I can’t stop freaking reading! J has brought to my attention this WONDERFUL blog called. A girl named Allie writes them and she’s freaking hilarious. I can’t stop reading. Anywho..

J fell asleep on the couch tonight while we were watching this terrifying korean  horror movie. Yes, we had to read the movie and yes, I’m okay with that. It seems to me that foreign horror movies are much better than american ones. ANYWAYS. So I was watching the end of it by myself when I decide to get up off the couch and sit in the chair and attempt to blog before heading to bed. That was….. three hours ago. I was reading the said site up there and I’m finally getting to blog. Yes, I’m a professional procrastinator. So as I sat down and started pulling up websites and what not, I hear a loud crash in the kitchen. I freeze thinking, “Holy shit, there’s some crazy korean woman trying to break in my back door because there’s a curse on my family and everyone now wants me dead for some unknown reason.” Did I go check to see what that crash was, hell no. I stayed in my seat and kept reading because it took my mind off of whatever had crashed in the kitchen. Now, Alice does live in the kitchen currently. Alice, for those of you who don’t know, is our hairless rat. NO, she doesn’t run rampant in the kitchen, she’s in a cage. She’s blind as well because she’s old, so that could have been the cause of the crashing. I still haven’t figured out what I want to believe just yet. I just really don’t want a crazy woman coming to kill me.

Other than that, I’m now in my bed because the chair I was sitting in hurt my ass. I tried to sit on the couch next to where J was laying, but she was taking up the whole thing. How she can take up a freaking SECTIONAL, is beyond me, but she did. And NO, J I’m not calling you fat. You just can extend your arms and legs in really weird ways so I can’t sit anywhere. I tried to wake her up to no avail. She grunted a little and turned over. I was going to try to get her to come to bed with me, but once I realized she wouldn’t even wake up to move over for me, she won’t wake up to come to bed. So I have to sleep alone tonight and it makes me sad. I will make her sleep in the bed with me tomorrow, better believe it.

Anyways… in other news… Pottermore will be up and going in October. Who can’t wait? Oh, that’s right. ME. I wasn’t one of the lucky ones to get in early, but that’s okay. I’ll live, right? Maybe… probably not… I’ll visit the site every day…. I’m going to die of being too damn impatient for this.

AND I finally got to see the new Doctor Who episode. I still can’t believe River is Amy and Rorys daughter. Mind blown. Speaking of mind blown………….

J and I didn’t watch the VMA’s but we did look up Lady Gaga’s performance. Yes, we are both very big Lady Gaga fans and if you don’t like it…. go somewhere. So we watched it and J was like. “But that’s not even Lady Gaga, that’s the guy from her ‘You and I’ video.” I hadn’t seen the video, but already knew about the whole, Lady Gaga cross-dressing thing through facebook. So I was like. “No it’s not. Just keep watching.” She started freaking out and yelling about how that wasn’t her and what not. All the while I’m looking up the ‘You and I’ video because I hadn’t seen it. I watched it and J was still sitting there, mouth hanging open with one of those looks on her face like. “Fucking really?!” And then we went on to discuss how much more Lady Gaga is attractive to us. Not because she’s dressing like a man, but because she’s so smart and she’s putting it out there that its OKAY to be who you are and if you decide you want to dress like a woman and you’re a guy, fucking go for it, because its your life and you should do want you want. And if you’re a female and want to dress like a man, just fucking do it. She’s so amazing.

So I’m going to go back and continue to read her blog until I fall asleep. I don’t have any pictures today because we didn’t do much but lay about the house and watch TV and spend time with each other. That was more than nice.

Enjoy and I shall post again tomorrow, loves.

P.S. Someone bring me food. I really want some potatoes. Any kind but french, I’ll take mashed, baked, twice baked, au gruatin or how ever that’s spelled. Anyway you get the point. BRING ME POTATOES!

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  1. August 30, 2011 1:53 pm

    haha i watched the VMA`s and trust me i love lady gaga i have like a whole drawer of her merch, so i watched the VMA`s with my bestfriend alex and my mother and when lady gaga came out dressed as “Jo calderone” i fell in love with her more not cause she was dressed as a guy but because she was making a point and not scared of what hypocrites would think of her, it was so cool how she stayed in that persona all night to really make a point but what ticked me off was my friend alex was like “shes a dyky loon” and im like so mad because i hate people who think lady gaga is a loon or whatever because shes different, i think if some people really opened their mind they could love her!

    • August 30, 2011 5:06 pm

      Yes, but sometimes people don’t want to open their minds. They’re so stuck in what they believe and think that you can’t get them to think anything else. It sucks and its stupid, but its the truth sadly.

  2. Jenny permalink
    August 30, 2011 8:20 pm

    Dressing how you want? Fine. Do it!

    Staying “in character” all night? THAT’S the part I find a little loony. I’m okay with it- whatever, her life, and she’s a pop star- doing weird stuff to get talked about it part of the territory. But it is pretty weird to me to pretend to be that person all night!

    I think it’s cool that she’s her own person, but it doesn’t mean some things she does aren’t pretty weird 🙂

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