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August 30, 2011

I’m on a roll today. Not only am I going to post a blog now but I will probably post one later tonight as well. Look at me over achieving. Woooooooooo

I’m so effing tired. I don’t know why. I got a reasonable amount of sleep. Feel asleep around… 4a.m.? and woke up at like 12:48? Yeah I would call that reasonable. Now, some people are different. Some people need less sleep than that. Like Some people can be like, “Yeah, I’m going to go to sleep at 4 in the morning and wake up at 7, I’ll be perfectly fine.” Those people… are crazy. Then there are others that are like, “Man, its 11 at night, I’m exhausted. I’ll go to sleep now and not wake up until…. 2 in the afternoon. And while I’m sleeping this long, no one will ever be able to wake me up until I’m damned ready to wake up myself.” Yes, there are people like that in the world. And I live with one. J sleeps a crazy amount. I honestly think its her favorite thing to do ever. When she has to work in the morning, this is how she thinks when she wakes up and sees the time:

Wakes up at 7:00, works at eight. Thinks, “I can sleep for another half hour and be fine.”

Wakes up at 7:50, still works at eight. “FUCKKKKKK” Scrambles around trying to get ready really fast and get out the door and to work in ten minutes… The drive alone is about eleven minutes.

Now, I’m not saying she does this on purpose, because she doesn’t. She just honestly sleeps so hard and so long that this happens a lot. On the weekends, I’ll usually wake up at like 10 ish or so and try to get her up because I want to spend time with her or we have something to do that day. Trying to wake J up out of her sleep is trying to wake someone up that’s been in a coma for 10 years. Not going to happen. You can literally take J’s arm, pick it up all the way and drop it, letting it slam down on the bed… nothing. You can pull all the covers off of her and claim you’re going to pull her out of bed. You may get an angry grunt and some scrambling around for the blankets. Turning on the lights doesn’t work either. It’s like her eye lids completely black out everything. It’s comepletely insane.

I on the other hand can run on about 6 to 8 hours of sleep, I think that’s kinda normal, right? I mean I don’t have a normal sleeping pattern. But I don’t sleep for like fourteen hours. I’m sure there are other people out there that sleep like J. I just can’t do it. Last time I slept that long, I hadn’t slept for like two days straight.

On that note. I’m really tired and would like a nap. I wonder if I can sneak one in.

Edit: J said I’m not allowed to take a nap. I shouldn’t have said anything about it and just laid down while she was distracted. Stupid me.  But now I know better for the fuuuutttuuurrreeeeeeeeeeeee.

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  1. Jenny permalink
    August 30, 2011 8:17 pm

    I am one of those people who can sleep 12 hours one day, and then still go to bed at a reasonable time the next day and sleep a full night. I can pretty much always fall asleep. I can take a 3 hour nap and still sleep 10 hours that night.

    It drives Ryan crazy because he usually can’t fall asleep, doesn’t sleep well, and then wakes up feeling exhausted but fights to stay awake… and then has a hard time getting sleepy again at night.

    I don’t always sleep that much (it’s better now that I’m on a relatively consistent sleep schedule), but I totally can, so I know what that’s like. And I’m a super heavy sleeper. Like, sometimes I’ll wake up covered in sweat because I got really hot while I was sleeping, but I was too deep in sleep to wake up and take off my sweatshirt or whatever. Sometimes I will have conversations with Ryan that I don’t remember the next day. My old roommate didn’t believe me when I said it was okay for her to dry her hair in our dorm room while I was still asleep- until she saw me roll over and continue sleeping while she was doing it. I used to be able to sleep anywhere (floor of the loud, cold band bus, for instance), too.

    I don’t always NEED that much sleep, but I can definitely sleep that much, and I sleep really heavily. And if I have a string of time where I don’t get much sleep, I’m almost always going to get sick (especially because I work around kids). In high school my mom discovered that if I had a bad cold, all I needed was to stay home and sleep all day and then I’d start getting better.

    *shrug* Just how I am!

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