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Scary Ghosts!!

September 3, 2011

J and I are very much into ghost hunting and visiting known places that are haunted. I know some of you may be skeptics but I’m definately not. I believe that there are people that when they pass away either don’t feel like moving on, or don’t know they’ve passed, so they hang around our world. Most ghosts don’t want to scare people or don’t even realize that they are. Now, this is what I believe, there could be other reasons or things you believe about why they’re here or why they scare us and what not, this is strictly what I believe. I also believe that demons are among us, now I do think that they are here to hurt and/or scare us. Obviously, because they are demons.

So has anyone heard of Satans Church? Its just outside of a small town near where I live. Now, people have claimed that this place is almost impossible to find. I’ve had friends say that they’ve gone looking for it and couldn’t find it. J and I and a couple of our friends, we’ll call them S and A, went out last night. We didn’t really go out looking for Satan’s church, first we went out to a

S, A, and J. Notice that HUGE orb above J's head? Yeah, they liked her.

small cemetary to walk around and take pictures. Which we did, we caught a lot of orbs there, mostly around J, they seemed to be attracted to her for some reason. If you blow up the picture a little more, you can see some smaller orbs as well around her. Anyway, after the cemetary one of us had the bright idea to try to go find Satan’s church. So we look it up and start driving to where we think it is. We drove for a while on all of these back roads that were completely surrounded by corn feilds. After driving for so long thinking we were going in the wrong direction, we decided to give up and just head back home. Not even 5 minutes after saying we were just going back home, we found the road we needed to find Satans Church. We all freaked out because it was just weird the way we found it, like because we gave up, it appeared. It was creepy. So we fallowed that road and finally found the road the church was on. By now, all of us were freaking out a little and we knew that none of us were getting out at this place now, especially because of the name of the place. We drove by the places twice, each time, we caught something in the pictures I took. The church is huge and completely boarded up and right next to it is a cemetary, both of which are completely terrifying in my mind. We want to go back to the place in the daylight to see if we can get out and walk around the church and things of that nature, if we can find it again.

This is the cemetary right next to satans church. If you blow this one up, you can clearly see a full body apparition right next to the gravestone in the middle.

Now, you can see an orb right next to the grave stone, but see that line of white? If you blow up that part of the picture, you can obviously tell that its someone’s arm and they are walking, if you look above that white part, you can see a head with a very creepy face. The white part doesn’t seem transparent, but the head of the figure definately is.

Picture of the graveyard. You can see some orbs in this one.

Satans Church with a nice big orb to the side there.

Another one of Satans Church.

Satans Chuch again, you can notice a mist over the place, it was weird. Also, up by the house you can see two things that look like eyes.... or orbs, whichever. Still scary!

So those are the pictures we got last night. I just hope we can remember how to get to Satan’s church to eventually take some more pictures. I would love to see what we could get. Tonight, we’re going to a place called Jerome. A and S have told us some freaky stories about the place and I can’t wait to see what kind of pictures I can get there!

Have you ever had a paranormal experience? If so, please share the story with me!

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  1. Korin permalink
    September 7, 2011 2:52 pm

    My mom and sister moved to Jerome when moved out, the cemetery there has a drive in the shape of a 6, if you walk it 3 times you can hear voice of children playing (its children burried there) there is also a bridge where a girl hung herself, ive seen the shadow. Korin

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