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Blog famous, Black Death Cold Flu, and other entertaining things in my life

September 8, 2011

Not that I would ever really want to be famous, famous. But being famous for a blog? Hells yes. Recently I’ve been reading and Both of these amazing and hilarious woman became famous for their blog. How awesome is that?! They even have a store for their blog. Making money for writing about my life and funny things that happen in it? Yes please. I would never have to work a real job again.

Isn’t that what everyone in the world wants? To be able to sit at home and write about things on their blog and have people buy things from  you and you never have to leave your house to work every again. That would be highly amazing. So cheers to Allie and the Bloggess for achieving something I will probably never be able to achieve.

On another note, I think I’m dying.

Reasons for me being absent lately: Dying of the black death cold flu

Oh and I may have a brain tumor. Only not really. Terrible migraine that’s gone now because I had it like hours ago when I started writing this and then got distracted by the bloggess again. Her blogs are very distracting. Yeah, I just got distracted again. Anyways.

No brain tumor, everyone on facebook decided to tell me that I was stupid and was not dying and was just congested. Thank you facebook friends.

In other words, you remember me talking about May right? She’s my half pit bull half pointer puppy. She’s only like eight months old

This is May, in case you haven't seen my absolutely adorable puppy.

and already looks like a horse. Anyway, May doesn’t know what a personal bubble is. At all. Its like I’ll be sitting here all happy happy reading blogs and doing homework and May will be all happy happy trying to kill this certain toy and then all of a sudden she realizes she loves me. A lot. So she jumps on the couch where I’m at and stares at me for a moment before proceeding to climb on top of me. Did I mention that she’s not a lap dog? She’s a forty pound horse to be honest. Although in her mind, she’s definitely a lap dog. So she starts climbing all over me, granted not just my lap, but all up in my business. Licking my face and the whole nine yards. At times this is adorable and other times, not so much. Not only does she do this, she does it multiple times a day. I think sometimes she forgets I’m here and then sees me and gets excited that I’m here and does this. Other times, I believe she does it just to annoy me.

Speaking of animals. Is anyone scared of spiders? Oh, I am! Terrified. It doesn’t help that J is scared of them as well. In our house our back door also has a screen door that doesn’t really shut all of the way. Like it shuts but doesn’t. Anyway, you get my point. So apparently this HUGE fucking spider decided to put himself there and make his home. He’s literally probably the size of a dime. Now you’re thinking, “Really, that’s not that big”. Wait, not only is he that big around, he’s about as thick as my thumb. Gross. Now you know why I’m freaking out over it and posting about it here. So the other night I decided I was going to use my flip flop to hit it away from our door and back outside to its natural habitat. So I called to J to grab the flip flop and bring it to me. She did and this is how the rest of that went:

J: Why are you opening the door? Close the door and smash it against it!

I couldn't find a picture close to what our spider looks like, but he definitely looks a lot like Ms. Spider except a lot more terrifying and a lot less cartoonish.

Me: No! I’m going to hit him so he flies out onto the deck.

*spider starts to crawl to the corner where I can’t reach him*

J: DO IT! Do it now! You’re going to miss him!

Me: I can’t do it! No. No. Ewwwww. *runs away like a little girl*

So yes. That was me chickening out. I can’t even hit the gross little thing out onto the deck away from our door. Later on J decided she was going to try to be brave and do it herself. Did she succeed? No. One downfall about living with another woman. We both hate spiders and insects and fail a lot if it has to do with killing and/or getting rid of them. It usually ends up with both of us up on the couch or chair, screaming at each other to kill it. Yeah, we fail.

OH! In other news, if you like my blog and have twitter, please go follow me @mandymotif. I will greatly appreciate you. And also a shout out to Sano (formerly S in my last blog, I was asked to change her name) she was the first one to follow me on twitter. Go you, Sano, paws up!

I had other things to talk about today, but I seem to have forgotten them because I’m so engrossed in Bloggess. Well, if I remember them, I’ll come back and update this. Enjoy and comment!

UPDATE: You know how I once talked about a job? Maybe I didn’t I think I started this when I was unemployed. Oh yes, I did. Anyways. I about to be employed again. At least I hope so. Interview tomorrow at 2. Can’t wait!

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  1. Brandy permalink
    September 8, 2011 6:31 am

    where do you live i will come kill the spider lmao = )

  2. Brandy permalink
    September 9, 2011 4:30 am

    ok i want to go to the two blogs you posted but when i click on them they won’t let me in lol = (

    • September 9, 2011 5:19 am

      Weird… Try the links on the side of the page. I’ll check this out, I have a new layout so I may need to change it again if it’s not working. :]

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