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Wtf computer cord!

September 24, 2011

So J and I had to stay late at work tonight cause we took a lunch or whatever. Oh yeah, we work together now, incase anyone didn’t know that. Anyways. So like forty minutes ago now, we were packing up our laptops and what not to get ready to head home. I always, always plug my computer into this HUGE black shock preventer thing whatever it is. It literally looks like a huge cinder block. I’ve never had troubles with it before, never. Anyway, so I kneel down and start to unplug it and what not, honestly, I don’t really know what happened or how it happened or whatever. Somehow I completed a circuit and received an electric shock. A fucking big one. And it fucking hurt a lot. My index finger on my right hand is killing me and the crook between my thumb and index finger on my left hand fucking hurts. My back is also hurting a lot and I’m getting kind of dizzy. I don’t really know what all of this means but I’m pretty sure I’m going to be okay. I kinda have to be because I don’t have any health insurance or whatever. Anyways, that was seriously the scariest thing in my life ever. And it hurt. A lot. I think I can sue the work place for that right? I mean that fucking thing was not safe at all! But honestly, it would be shitty of me to sue my girlfriends dad. Ha.

Also, remember Lua? Our chihuahua? She’s been having a bad week as well. Poor thing was allergic to the flea meds we put on her. Started having leg muscle spasms and itching and basically acting like she wanted out of her skin. Poor little girl. Then today she started acting all normal again and is fine. Until we let all the dogs out and we hear a yelp come from outside. Of course J and I rushed out there to see what happened. We don’t really know what happened but Lua was limping on one of her back paws. She’s seriously the most unlucky chihuahua’s I’ve ever met. Aren’t they supposed to be good luck or something? I don’t know. Anyways, so now she’s all like hurting from that, although she may be milking it because we totally baby her when she’s hurt. She’s been known to do that before. She’s a smart one.

So yeah, there’s my freakin day for you. Seriously crazy. I never want to touch another electric box thing in my life. Because it might kill me or some shit. I feel so fuckin weird. Sooo now we’re going to watch a movie and I really hope I stop feeling this way because I keep getting hella dizzy and my back hurts soo freaking much.

Hopefully I’ll be back tomorrow with better things. And not with me getting shocked and dying or some shit.


P.S. Spell check doesn’t think paws is a word. It is a word right? Yeah. It is.

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