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Blog famous, Black Death Cold Flu, and other entertaining things in my life

September 8, 2011

Not that I would ever really want to be famous, famous. But being famous for a blog? Hells yes. Recently I’ve been reading and Both of these amazing and hilarious woman became famous for their blog. How awesome is that?! They even have a store for their blog. Making money for writing about my life and funny things that happen in it? Yes please. I would never have to work a real job again.

Isn’t that what everyone in the world wants? To be able to sit at home and write about things on their blog and have people buy things from  you and you never have to leave your house to work every again. That would be highly amazing. So cheers to Allie and the Bloggess for achieving something I will probably never be able to achieve.

On another note, I think I’m dying.

Reasons for me being absent lately: Dying of the black death cold flu

Oh and I may have a brain tumor. Only not really. Terrible migraine that’s gone now because I had it like hours ago when I started writing this and then got distracted by the bloggess again. Her blogs are very distracting. Yeah, I just got distracted again. Anyways.

No brain tumor, everyone on facebook decided to tell me that I was stupid and was not dying and was just congested. Thank you facebook friends.

In other words, you remember me talking about May right? She’s my half pit bull half pointer puppy. She’s only like eight months old

This is May, in case you haven't seen my absolutely adorable puppy.

and already looks like a horse. Anyway, May doesn’t know what a personal bubble is. At all. Its like I’ll be sitting here all happy happy reading blogs and doing homework and May will be all happy happy trying to kill this certain toy and then all of a sudden she realizes she loves me. A lot. So she jumps on the couch where I’m at and stares at me for a moment before proceeding to climb on top of me. Did I mention that she’s not a lap dog? She’s a forty pound horse to be honest. Although in her mind, she’s definitely a lap dog. So she starts climbing all over me, granted not just my lap, but all up in my business. Licking my face and the whole nine yards. At times this is adorable and other times, not so much. Not only does she do this, she does it multiple times a day. I think sometimes she forgets I’m here and then sees me and gets excited that I’m here and does this. Other times, I believe she does it just to annoy me.

Speaking of animals. Is anyone scared of spiders? Oh, I am! Terrified. It doesn’t help that J is scared of them as well. In our house our back door also has a screen door that doesn’t really shut all of the way. Like it shuts but doesn’t. Anyway, you get my point. So apparently this HUGE fucking spider decided to put himself there and make his home. He’s literally probably the size of a dime. Now you’re thinking, “Really, that’s not that big”. Wait, not only is he that big around, he’s about as thick as my thumb. Gross. Now you know why I’m freaking out over it and posting about it here. So the other night I decided I was going to use my flip flop to hit it away from our door and back outside to its natural habitat. So I called to J to grab the flip flop and bring it to me. She did and this is how the rest of that went:

J: Why are you opening the door? Close the door and smash it against it!

I couldn't find a picture close to what our spider looks like, but he definitely looks a lot like Ms. Spider except a lot more terrifying and a lot less cartoonish.

Me: No! I’m going to hit him so he flies out onto the deck.

*spider starts to crawl to the corner where I can’t reach him*

J: DO IT! Do it now! You’re going to miss him!

Me: I can’t do it! No. No. Ewwwww. *runs away like a little girl*

So yes. That was me chickening out. I can’t even hit the gross little thing out onto the deck away from our door. Later on J decided she was going to try to be brave and do it herself. Did she succeed? No. One downfall about living with another woman. We both hate spiders and insects and fail a lot if it has to do with killing and/or getting rid of them. It usually ends up with both of us up on the couch or chair, screaming at each other to kill it. Yeah, we fail.

OH! In other news, if you like my blog and have twitter, please go follow me @mandymotif. I will greatly appreciate you. And also a shout out to Sano (formerly S in my last blog, I was asked to change her name) she was the first one to follow me on twitter. Go you, Sano, paws up!

I had other things to talk about today, but I seem to have forgotten them because I’m so engrossed in Bloggess. Well, if I remember them, I’ll come back and update this. Enjoy and comment!

UPDATE: You know how I once talked about a job? Maybe I didn’t I think I started this when I was unemployed. Oh yes, I did. Anyways. I about to be employed again. At least I hope so. Interview tomorrow at 2. Can’t wait!


Scary Ghosts!!

September 3, 2011

J and I are very much into ghost hunting and visiting known places that are haunted. I know some of you may be skeptics but I’m definately not. I believe that there are people that when they pass away either don’t feel like moving on, or don’t know they’ve passed, so they hang around our world. Most ghosts don’t want to scare people or don’t even realize that they are. Now, this is what I believe, there could be other reasons or things you believe about why they’re here or why they scare us and what not, this is strictly what I believe. I also believe that demons are among us, now I do think that they are here to hurt and/or scare us. Obviously, because they are demons.

So has anyone heard of Satans Church? Its just outside of a small town near where I live. Now, people have claimed that this place is almost impossible to find. I’ve had friends say that they’ve gone looking for it and couldn’t find it. J and I and a couple of our friends, we’ll call them S and A, went out last night. We didn’t really go out looking for Satan’s church, first we went out to a

S, A, and J. Notice that HUGE orb above J's head? Yeah, they liked her.

small cemetary to walk around and take pictures. Which we did, we caught a lot of orbs there, mostly around J, they seemed to be attracted to her for some reason. If you blow up the picture a little more, you can see some smaller orbs as well around her. Anyway, after the cemetary one of us had the bright idea to try to go find Satan’s church. So we look it up and start driving to where we think it is. We drove for a while on all of these back roads that were completely surrounded by corn feilds. After driving for so long thinking we were going in the wrong direction, we decided to give up and just head back home. Not even 5 minutes after saying we were just going back home, we found the road we needed to find Satans Church. We all freaked out because it was just weird the way we found it, like because we gave up, it appeared. It was creepy. So we fallowed that road and finally found the road the church was on. By now, all of us were freaking out a little and we knew that none of us were getting out at this place now, especially because of the name of the place. We drove by the places twice, each time, we caught something in the pictures I took. The church is huge and completely boarded up and right next to it is a cemetary, both of which are completely terrifying in my mind. We want to go back to the place in the daylight to see if we can get out and walk around the church and things of that nature, if we can find it again.

This is the cemetary right next to satans church. If you blow this one up, you can clearly see a full body apparition right next to the gravestone in the middle.

Now, you can see an orb right next to the grave stone, but see that line of white? If you blow up that part of the picture, you can obviously tell that its someone’s arm and they are walking, if you look above that white part, you can see a head with a very creepy face. The white part doesn’t seem transparent, but the head of the figure definately is.

Picture of the graveyard. You can see some orbs in this one.

Satans Church with a nice big orb to the side there.

Another one of Satans Church.

Satans Chuch again, you can notice a mist over the place, it was weird. Also, up by the house you can see two things that look like eyes.... or orbs, whichever. Still scary!

So those are the pictures we got last night. I just hope we can remember how to get to Satan’s church to eventually take some more pictures. I would love to see what we could get. Tonight, we’re going to a place called Jerome. A and S have told us some freaky stories about the place and I can’t wait to see what kind of pictures I can get there!

Have you ever had a paranormal experience? If so, please share the story with me!

J’s family is FUCKING hilarious.

August 31, 2011

And I love them more than anything. There’s Cob, J’s brother. (Not really his name, keeping it private because I’m to lazy to ask him if I can use his name.) Then there’s T. That’s J’s mom. She’s one of the most hilarious people I’ve ever met. Like seriously. J and I want to video tape her and put her on facebook and youtube. We’d become sooo famous because people would PAY us to put that shit up. Yes, that’s how funny she is. Oh and then there’s J’s dad. They call him Satan. I don’t really know the story behind that, but that’s what I’ll call him since that’s what they call him, isn’t that terrible?

So Cob is sitting here telling all of us a story about his lazer tag experience when May, J and I’s dog incase you didn’t know that, grabs a teddy bear that’s actually Cortez’s bear. Cortez is T’s dog. T starts freaking the fuck out and is like, “NO, THAT’S CORTEZ’S BEAR!” Jumps up and grabs the bear from May and chucks it at my head. Cortez was laying conveniently behind me and to the side, so of course she chucks it at my head. She missed my head and hit Cortez, so that all came out as planned. Then she goes running around the house looking for a different teddy bear for May. Cob, J, and I are still all sitting here in the living room. Cob is mad because T just interrupted his story. Then we hear the front door open and Cob goes, “Did she really just go out the front door in the middle of my story!?” Eventually, T comes back in the room and starts telling a story of her own. Cob gets this look on his face like, “Are you kidding me?” Of course, this whole time J and I are cracking up. So Cob freaks out and is like. “I WAS IN THE MIDDLE OF TELLING A FREAKING STORY AND YOU GET UP AND JUST WALK OUTSIDE LIKE YOU’RE GOING TO GET COKES FROM INDIANAPOLIS!”

Honestly, this is much more hilarious in person. But when T and J read it, they will remember and laugh. Yay goal completed.

So at this point, I’m sitting here blogging while they are all talking and T is sitting here singing random ass songs. Oh no, I was just corrected. Beatles songs. Just so you know, she’s had a drink. She becomes even more hilarious when she drinks and just does random things. I really want to post the videos we took of her and crack baby. Now, you’re probably thinking, “What the fuck is crack baby? Are these people fucking insane?” To let you know, no we are not insane and no there isn’t a baby

So imagine this doll, with patches of hair. I will try to get an actual picture of it someday.

around here that’s addicted to the crack we feed it. Crack baby is a baby doll from when J was little. It’s lost most of its hair and just has little patches of it all over its head. To give you an example, if you walked into a darkish room and saw this baby doll sitting on a chair or couch or something, you would probably piss yourself because it’s so terrifying. T, though, makes it quite hilarious. We were over here one night and T was acting as if crack baby was a real baby and holding it and burping it and what not. She’s a little crazy, in the good way. It was hilarious. We took videos of the whole thing. At one point she tried to get crack baby to smoke. Yes, I will need to post these videos sometime so everyone can laugh as much as I did that night.

Cob is now singing some song about pigs and cows and krackens…. I have no idea. Oh and his microphone is a carmel apple. And T keeps yelling at him to go take a shower so he won’t be late for school in the morning. I’m pretty sure he’s just ignoring her.

So Cob is still singing some song about magical trevor and then gets really quiet and walks out of the room…. He came back with a guitar and now is singing ever louder and strumming along. He left again… I think he might be actually getting in the shower this time.. Maybe. He may come back in with bongo drums or something. Who knows, that boy is crazy too.

So, I think that T is secretly a lesbian. Or she’s just curious. But no, not really. She’s married and everything. But for a long time now she jokingly hits on me. Its hilarious and kind of terrifying. And just so everyone knows why J and I are over at her mom’s house, Satan went out of town tonight and T doesn’t like staying home alone. So J and I came over to stay tonight so she’d feel better about it. Anyway, T has been subtely hitting on me all night telling me she wants me to sleep with her and everything. OH, and she wants me to take a shower with her. And Cob just plugged in his guitar to an amp and singing and playing even louder. Anyway, back to the subject. I think we need to go on Jerry Springer so T can confess her real feelings for me. It really is a Jerry Springer situation, J is always there when T is trying to touch me in inapproprite areas. Of course, she’s only kidding and trying to get a rise out of me, which she successfully does.

From this point on as the night goes on I will come back and edit it with random little stories or quotes.


August 30, 2011

I’m on a roll today. Not only am I going to post a blog now but I will probably post one later tonight as well. Look at me over achieving. Woooooooooo

I’m so effing tired. I don’t know why. I got a reasonable amount of sleep. Feel asleep around… 4a.m.? and woke up at like 12:48? Yeah I would call that reasonable. Now, some people are different. Some people need less sleep than that. Like Some people can be like, “Yeah, I’m going to go to sleep at 4 in the morning and wake up at 7, I’ll be perfectly fine.” Those people… are crazy. Then there are others that are like, “Man, its 11 at night, I’m exhausted. I’ll go to sleep now and not wake up until…. 2 in the afternoon. And while I’m sleeping this long, no one will ever be able to wake me up until I’m damned ready to wake up myself.” Yes, there are people like that in the world. And I live with one. J sleeps a crazy amount. I honestly think its her favorite thing to do ever. When she has to work in the morning, this is how she thinks when she wakes up and sees the time:

Wakes up at 7:00, works at eight. Thinks, “I can sleep for another half hour and be fine.”

Wakes up at 7:50, still works at eight. “FUCKKKKKK” Scrambles around trying to get ready really fast and get out the door and to work in ten minutes… The drive alone is about eleven minutes.

Now, I’m not saying she does this on purpose, because she doesn’t. She just honestly sleeps so hard and so long that this happens a lot. On the weekends, I’ll usually wake up at like 10 ish or so and try to get her up because I want to spend time with her or we have something to do that day. Trying to wake J up out of her sleep is trying to wake someone up that’s been in a coma for 10 years. Not going to happen. You can literally take J’s arm, pick it up all the way and drop it, letting it slam down on the bed… nothing. You can pull all the covers off of her and claim you’re going to pull her out of bed. You may get an angry grunt and some scrambling around for the blankets. Turning on the lights doesn’t work either. It’s like her eye lids completely black out everything. It’s comepletely insane.

I on the other hand can run on about 6 to 8 hours of sleep, I think that’s kinda normal, right? I mean I don’t have a normal sleeping pattern. But I don’t sleep for like fourteen hours. I’m sure there are other people out there that sleep like J. I just can’t do it. Last time I slept that long, I hadn’t slept for like two days straight.

On that note. I’m really tired and would like a nap. I wonder if I can sneak one in.

Edit: J said I’m not allowed to take a nap. I shouldn’t have said anything about it and just laid down while she was distracted. Stupid me.  But now I know better for the fuuuutttuuurrreeeeeeeeeeeee.

Need to blog…

August 30, 2011

But I can’t stop freaking reading! J has brought to my attention this WONDERFUL blog called. A girl named Allie writes them and she’s freaking hilarious. I can’t stop reading. Anywho..

J fell asleep on the couch tonight while we were watching this terrifying korean  horror movie. Yes, we had to read the movie and yes, I’m okay with that. It seems to me that foreign horror movies are much better than american ones. ANYWAYS. So I was watching the end of it by myself when I decide to get up off the couch and sit in the chair and attempt to blog before heading to bed. That was….. three hours ago. I was reading the said site up there and I’m finally getting to blog. Yes, I’m a professional procrastinator. So as I sat down and started pulling up websites and what not, I hear a loud crash in the kitchen. I freeze thinking, “Holy shit, there’s some crazy korean woman trying to break in my back door because there’s a curse on my family and everyone now wants me dead for some unknown reason.” Did I go check to see what that crash was, hell no. I stayed in my seat and kept reading because it took my mind off of whatever had crashed in the kitchen. Now, Alice does live in the kitchen currently. Alice, for those of you who don’t know, is our hairless rat. NO, she doesn’t run rampant in the kitchen, she’s in a cage. She’s blind as well because she’s old, so that could have been the cause of the crashing. I still haven’t figured out what I want to believe just yet. I just really don’t want a crazy woman coming to kill me.

Other than that, I’m now in my bed because the chair I was sitting in hurt my ass. I tried to sit on the couch next to where J was laying, but she was taking up the whole thing. How she can take up a freaking SECTIONAL, is beyond me, but she did. And NO, J I’m not calling you fat. You just can extend your arms and legs in really weird ways so I can’t sit anywhere. I tried to wake her up to no avail. She grunted a little and turned over. I was going to try to get her to come to bed with me, but once I realized she wouldn’t even wake up to move over for me, she won’t wake up to come to bed. So I have to sleep alone tonight and it makes me sad. I will make her sleep in the bed with me tomorrow, better believe it.

Anyways… in other news… Pottermore will be up and going in October. Who can’t wait? Oh, that’s right. ME. I wasn’t one of the lucky ones to get in early, but that’s okay. I’ll live, right? Maybe… probably not… I’ll visit the site every day…. I’m going to die of being too damn impatient for this.

AND I finally got to see the new Doctor Who episode. I still can’t believe River is Amy and Rorys daughter. Mind blown. Speaking of mind blown………….

J and I didn’t watch the VMA’s but we did look up Lady Gaga’s performance. Yes, we are both very big Lady Gaga fans and if you don’t like it…. go somewhere. So we watched it and J was like. “But that’s not even Lady Gaga, that’s the guy from her ‘You and I’ video.” I hadn’t seen the video, but already knew about the whole, Lady Gaga cross-dressing thing through facebook. So I was like. “No it’s not. Just keep watching.” She started freaking out and yelling about how that wasn’t her and what not. All the while I’m looking up the ‘You and I’ video because I hadn’t seen it. I watched it and J was still sitting there, mouth hanging open with one of those looks on her face like. “Fucking really?!” And then we went on to discuss how much more Lady Gaga is attractive to us. Not because she’s dressing like a man, but because she’s so smart and she’s putting it out there that its OKAY to be who you are and if you decide you want to dress like a woman and you’re a guy, fucking go for it, because its your life and you should do want you want. And if you’re a female and want to dress like a man, just fucking do it. She’s so amazing.

So I’m going to go back and continue to read her blog until I fall asleep. I don’t have any pictures today because we didn’t do much but lay about the house and watch TV and spend time with each other. That was more than nice.

Enjoy and I shall post again tomorrow, loves.

P.S. Someone bring me food. I really want some potatoes. Any kind but french, I’ll take mashed, baked, twice baked, au gruatin or how ever that’s spelled. Anyway you get the point. BRING ME POTATOES!

Writers block..

August 28, 2011

Anyone that has ever written anything, knows how much it sucks when you sit down to write something and you have a really good idea in your head, and then as you start writing, it just all goes to shit. Then you think, “This was so stupid. Why did I even think that was a good idea?” so you scrap everything. That’s kind of where I’m at except, I don’t have an idea and I just want to write. It’s so unfair. I want to write and I could honestly still here and write for HOURS but I don’t have an idea. This sucks. A lot.

So that’s where I’m at right now. That and the fact that I cannot get wanting to move to London out of my head. Oh, and I emailed an interior designer about a possible internship. Who doesn’t want an assistant for free? I’m hoping that’s what she thinks, at least. So that’s on my mind too tonight.

I’ve offically decided what I want to do with my life. Well, I’ve decided for now. It might change in the future, but I really think I’ll stick with this, considering I’ve changed my mind so many times and I keep going back to it. Interior design. Why? Because I’m really good at it, obviously I’ve never had the money to actually do a house, but with what money I do have to decorate my house, it looks amazing. And two it incoorporates art into something amazing. If you didn’t know, I’m extremely passionate about my art. Granted I don’t really do a lot with it anymore because I feel like I don’t have any time to do it and sometimes I just can’t get inspired, but when I am, just stay out of my way. So why not interior design? I know I could be great at it and there are jobs out there for it if you move to the right places. So of couse I would want to move to a bigger city to actually get started after I get done with school and what not. I really want to start my life and career. Especially with this.

Who knows, I could be passionate about something else next week. I hope not, I just really want to make up my mind already.

With that, here are some pictures of my day.

May, I love her so very much. My dogs are like my children.

The only man of the house, Prescott.

Lua and her key chew toy that she loves so much.

J and I. She's the love of my life.


August 27, 2011

Oh my god. So this is going to be totally nerdy, but I’m really angry. I don’t get the BBC channel. And guess what starts again tomorrow night? That’s right, Doctor Who. Guess who can’t watch it? Oh, that’s right. ME. So yeah I’m mad. A little nerdrage going on right here.

In other words, went for another walk today at the other park. We were heading to the same one we went to yesterday when our friend Kelly texted and wanted to know if we wanted to hang out, so of course we said yes and went to the other one and hung out with her. It was quite enjoyable. May had a blast as well, running everywhere and playing fetch with a giant stick. She’s a crazy ass dog.

It was really good getting to hang out with a friend from high school. I don’t really hang out with people much just because I’m more of a homebody and sadly, I don’t really need a lot of friends. Now, I’m not saying that I don’t want friends or whatever, I’m just fine with not having many. Anyway, it was good to start hanging out with her again and I’m sure if other people from my past would take a minute to message me or something, I would feel the same way. You miss all your friends from high school and middle school and what not when you have to grow up. What happened to BFF?

Anyway, here’s some pictures from today. I hope you all enjoy and sorry for the short post, this girl just isn’t up to typing tonight.

Prescott outside in the backyard. He's such a pretty boy.

May, my beautiful girl. She's truly my dog.

I got out some new toys the other day and May and Lua are obsessed with this key chew toy. They fight over it constantly.

J and May. Aren't they both absolutely beautiful?

J and May at the other end of the bridge. May hated that thing.

My hand at some artistic picture taking.

J and May playing with a stick.

May was really excited for her to throw the stick.